Sunday, June 10, 2012


I love having a tan, which isn't very uncommon. For a lot of people, a tan can make them feel more confident. It's a really funny thing if you really think about it. How can just a little tint to a person's skin make them feel better about their appearance?

The best way to get a good looking tan is to soak up the sun, but we all know that's not very healthy. Studies show that it's okay to be in the sun 15-20 minutes a day without sunscreen. For some people, that's the perfect amount of time to get a healthy tan. But, for most people it takes longer for them to develop a tan. So depressing, right? And, that ladies and gents is why self-tanner exists!

High-end self-tanners can be pretty expensive. I find that the drugstore ones are just as good. You do have to be careful when choosing the right one, though. The best thing to do is to look up reviews of the tanner before buying it.

Sprays can be pretty hard to work with. I find that self-tanner lotions work best. It's a good idea to get a self-tanner with bronzer in it to see where you are putting the lotion (this prevents yucky streaking).

Below I have pictures of some of my favorite self-tanners. They can all be found at Target, except for the last one, which is from Bath & Body Works. They are all instant self-tanners (they will develop in 2-4 hours). I don't have the patience for gradual self-tanners. When I wanna tan, I want it right away!

Hope this helped! :)

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  1. I use the first two, before and after tanning outside to keep my glow. I love it! If you dont like dealing with the messy lotions, then the second one is perfect. You just spray it on. and its gorgeous within a few hours. Definitly a perfect way to have a healthy glow!
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